Thursday, April 8, 2010

Facebook is my new blog...

If you are on Facebook, add me as a friend. I seriously don't have time to post on both, so I choose FB...sorry blog! It is easier and I don't feel as if I have to write as much.

Here are some recent posts from on if you would like a good chuckle...

BTW, Todd has been gone all week, so it's just me, Jackson, and Tucker...what a week it has been!
Jackson was asking Alyson, our babysitter, to draw a picture of the family. When she asked if she should draw Tucker, Jackson said, "I love Tucker, but he makes me pull my hair!" - sounded hysterical, but I think he meant that Tucker pulls his hair!
No T-ball practice for us tonight! As we were sitting at dinner, Jackson announced that he had to poop. Of course he did, we were by ourselves at Chick Fil-A and had just started eating. Thank goodness for rolling high chairs! I asked the people next to me to make sure they didn't take our food away and then rolled Tucker into the bathroom so ... See Morewe could wait while Jackson pooped. (Cue Jeopardy theme) Jackson takes FOREVER to poop, because he is too busy singing, tapping his toes, etc to focus on the task at hand. Tucker is screaming because I took him away from his fruit cup, and Mommy is losing her mind! After I don't know how long, the lady that was "watching" our food came in and asked if we were ok...HOW EMBARASSING! I did everything possible to try to get my son off the toilet, but he "wasn't done yet!" Meanwhile, Tucker is still screaming and Jackson is still singing, and Mommy is getting closer to the edge! He finally said he was done, so we collected ourselves and headed out to our cold dinner, and relieved our food babysitter. By that time t-ball practice had already started and we were just starting dinner, for the second time! Seriously Jackson you are going to have to learn to poop faster!

Can't ask for much more than copy and pasting for now, things are HECTIC! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tucker's First Birthday Party

Check it out on and rsvp so we can have plenty of pumpkiny fun for everyone! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

This deserves a blog post!

Well, I have been chosen as a finalist for Stroller Strides Franchisee of the Year, waaaaahoooooo! We had to create/submit a 2 minute video......and voila, here it is! This video would look nothing like my vision if it wasn't for the LaCour's who generously donated their time and talent for my cause :) THANK YOU!

And.....thank you to all my Stroller Strides/LUNA Moms Club mommies that have helped me fulfill my dreams/goals! I hope you enjoy the video and are as moved as I am by it! The Franchisee of the Year will be announced on

Maggie :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thanks Joanne....

for taking some wonderful pictures of us at the park today!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally, some pics from the iphone

Here are some random shots that I have downloaded from my iphone..... (from most recent...)Tucker in the Bebe Pod, 5 mo old

Jackson at school this morning, he kept bending down because I was squatting to get the picture.

Jackson got stuck in Tucker's bouncy exersaucer...a little too large to be in there I think!

After a long day...
Playing the drums on the dogs' water container
In the rocker outside on a beautiful day!
car seat snap shot :)

Vacation post...take 3

After a short visit in NY we headed to OH to visit Nanny and Pappaw. It was great to see the whole gang get together for Mexican night where Bindy makes every kind of Mexican food possible and we eat until we can eat no more :) Jackson got to ride on Pappaw's 4-wheeler and Tucker took a nap on my shoulder (a first). Here are the pics to prove it:)

something else to blog about....

Our vacation in NY was wonderful. Jackson had such an amazing time bonding with his Grandma and Grandpa. When we got to their house he ran to them as if he gets to see them everyday, and they held him in their arms. My Dad got to meet Tucker for the first time, precious! Jackson immediately started bossing around Bear, the 100# chocolate lab, and got all giddy when we saw his Uncle Donny. GREAT GREAT memories!

Here is a picture of Jackson and Todd in front of the snowpile by Amie's house and the picture that sums up the vacation...Jackson and Grandpa fell asleep together in the chair! :)